Paweł Krawczyk (born 1982 in Wrocław) is a director and screenwriter whose work includes music videos, commercials, feature films and television. He is best known for being an award-winning filmmaker at the international film festival of short feature film forms, organized by Goethe Institut in Monachium and Adam Mickiewicz Institut in Warsaw.

Pawel holds a Master’s Degree from Wroclaw’s Academy of Economics were he perfected his advertising and mass-media marketing skills and a degree in Journalism and Social Communication from the University of Wroclaw. 2008-2010 he was writing and directing for Grupa 13 – Polish TV & Film production company, where he was co-directing videos with D.Szermanowicz. Since then he’ve worked for Wolfmotion – reliable and creative Animation & Video Production Company, Directors and Producers Collective forming music videos and commercials. He has most recently studied at Wroclaw’s Film School where he graduated in 2009 and formed his own film production company that cooperates with the best photo, animation and film makers.

He has written and directed feature films, commercials and more than sixty music videos, allowing him to work with an array of artists. He is pleased to have had the opportunity to work on projects for Polish artists such as:

Formacja Nieżywych Schabuff, Kult, Proletaryat, Behemoth, Rotary, Iwona Węgrowska, IRA, Kumka Olik, Lipali, Hunter, Mezo, Papa De, Stachursky, Paulla, Jona Ardyn, Candy Girl, Janek Samolyk, Robert M, Michał Rudaś, Manchester, Vena Valley, Exaited, Gural, Hetane, Pezet and many others…

He has also worked with great foreign artists such as:
Sonata Arctica (Finland), Nexx (Sweden), Basic Element (Sweden), Daniela (Sweden), Eluvelie (Switzerland), Bel-Mondo (France), Verona (Czech Republic), Stefano Terrazzino (Italy), Amon Amarath (Sweden)…

While he enjoys working in all forms of media his immediate focus is creating films that challenge, explore, stir emotions and entertain.


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